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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Looking For Work And Place To Live

I am finishing fighting off the last of whatever sickness I have had. It seemed that I had different symptoms everyday. I had days that I did not feel like doing anything. But I still get up and do what I had to do.

I am once again looking for a full time job. I am planning to start looking for job closer to Asheville. I would like a job in retail since I enjoy retail work. I will take any job that I can get at this time. There are a lot of new hotels opening in Asheville so I may have a better chance of getting a job at one of the hotels. Once I get a job I can start working on the process for Jo Anne's Visa.

I have to the end of January of 2010 to find another place to live. Of course, I will need a job first. The place I live now is in some need of remodeling. It is safe to live in but does need a little work. My landlord has been great with working with me over the couple years. I am glad for all the help he and his family has been over the years. I do have one place that I could rent as soon as I get a job. I hope it is still available when I find a job.

God continue to provide for my needs. I just amazed at some of the things he does for me.


Brian Miller said...

He will provide...i have been working part time since February and we have not lacked...

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Thank you Brian. Yes, he will provide. He always have provided for my needs so far.