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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flooding From Ida

The past two days it rained a lot around here. We had three to four inches of rain all over Henderson County from Tropical Storm Ida. I took the photos you see of the flood out by the college. I had one woman look at we like I was crazy standing out in the rain taking pictures. I saw it flood yesterday in all the usual places even the ones that did not flood in the last heavy rain we had here. The Emergency Management Teams were out everywhere this time monitoring the flooding. I did not see or hear of any people trying to drive through the flooded area. That is a stupid thing to do since the road could be washed out under the water and you could be washed away. The water start to recede by the afternoon even with the rain still falling. This year had been pretty lite for Hurricane season.

I normal way to school was blocked by water over the road. I had to drive half way around town to take another way to class today. Half my morning class did not make it to school since half the ways to school was blocked by flooding. I am surprised that the school was open on Veterans Day anyway. All of the other places, I needed to go were closed due to the holiday. I would like to thank all the Veterans who made in possible for all the freedoms and opportunities that I enjoyed yesterday and today.

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