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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Experiences With Ghost

In continuation of our Halloween and All Saints Day theme, today I am going to share my true ghost experiences with you. I do not believe ghost are trapped souls. I believe they are trapped energy or demons. This belief comes from my understanding of the Bible and other research plus the experiences that I have had in my life with ghosts.

Raccoon Mountain Caverns Ghost

I took one of the wild tours in the Raccoon Mountain Caverns near Chattanooga, Tennessee. As part of the tour you get to sleep inside the cavern. During the night I woke up and heard someone running barefoot through the sleeping area. I saw no light and I have done enough cave exploring before this trip to know the different sounds in a cave.

As the story goes that it is the ghost of a boy who was killed by his uncle who pushed him into a hole that went into the caverns. A couple months later the uncle was hunting with some friends and can by the hole. When they looked down in the hole they saw the boy with a candle looking back back at them. The uncle confessed to his deed. Some people have reported the smell of candles burning in the area of cavern near the hole. Staff have found candy rappers stacked on the counter of the snack stations in the morning, when there was no one in the cave overnight the night before.

Ghosts at Holmes Educational State Forest

I have had a couple storage things happen to me when I gone camping at the group camping area at Holmes Educational State Forest between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina. In fact, I can not remember a time that I have come camping there that something strange the not happen.

One night, I was sitting up talking with a friend and everyone else had gone on to bed and we was some lights coming out of the woods. These lights looked as if a group of people where carrying lanterns. One of the stories for this area involves the CCC Crews were working in the areas. In fact the road leading to the camp site entrance in called Old CCC Road. The story tells about a CCC crew that got lost and froze to death during a snow storm. These men allegedly walk through the area that is the camp site now. My friend and I, headed for our tent when we saw the lights. I have not checked through the newspaper of the time. I have only talked to a couple people who lived in the area.

Another thing, that happens there is when I wake in the middle of the night, I can see through the side of the tent as if it was not there. I have not have this happen to me anywhere else. The only explanation I can think of, is how the moon shines on the tent.

I hope you enjoyed these stories.

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