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Friday, October 02, 2009

Change Of Seasons

The leaves are starting to change color. Some of already falling off the trees. Soon the tourist will be coming to enjoy God's artwork of the different colored trees. I hope to get a day off from both school and work one day to be able to enjoy and take pictures of the show. I would love to take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and see the color from the many overlooks.

Besides the changing color of the tree, it is getting cooler outside. I have already pulled my jacket out of my closet. Waking in the morning to the cool temperatures in the forties (5°C to 10°C). Then still enjoying the warm temperatures in the seventies(21°C to 27°C) in the afternoon. The lower temperatures fill me with excitement because they mean my favorite season of Winter is on its way. Many weather experts are saying that this winter is going to be a hard winter due to the cool summer. This summer was the coolest I remember in my lifetime. I hope we get a couple good snow storms this winter in Western North Carolina.

I am looking forward to sharing the seasons of Fall and Winter with my Love, Jo Anne, when she gets here. We hope that we will be together long before next years color show. I hope to share with Jo Anne, her first experience with snow. Of course, we will have a lot of fun playing in the snow. Many of the post and pictures I post on this Blog are to share the fun and beauty with Jo Anne, of the area I live.


BluesVox said...

Looking forward to seeing the colors from your area I too will try to share some from here. Where does Jo Anne Live now? Thanks for Sharing Dan.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Jo Anne lives in Quezon City, Philippines. I look forward to seeing the color from your area.