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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fire Destroys The Historic Caldwell Inn

This morning, Hendersonville, North Carolina lost a piece of its history when the Caldwell Inn was set on fire. The Caldwell Inn was build in 1914. Back then it was called the Station Hotel and served people coming into Hendersonville on the train. The train depot is only a block away from the inn. The Caldwell Inn was home to low income families who lost everything in the fire this morning. The fire is believed to have be set by a person who was asked to leave the inn yesterday. The fire started at 7:30 this morning. Lt. Mike Vesely with the Hendersonville Police Department and Steve Pedersen, a deputy with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office, helped residents get to safety. Seven and five people jumped from the second floor balcony since the fire blocked the stairs out of the building. Other people passing by assisted in help the people escape the fire. No one died in the fire. Five people were taking to the hospital with different injuries, one I heard had a broke back from several sources. The person who is thought to have started the fire turn himself in to police. The police are just called him a person of interest at this time.

The Hendersonville Rescue Mission, which is located just down the street, with the Henderson County American Red Cross is assisting the residents with their needs. It is good to see that we still come together to help people in need in America.

I am happy that no one was killed in the fire. There was many heroes they helped rescue the residents from the fire. Now the residents who lived at the inn will have to look for a new place to live. It also saddens me that a piece of local history was lost today. I went to the Caldwell Inn this afternoon to look at the damage that the fire caused. The fire department was still on there. I could still smell the burned wood from the inn. I even saw pieces from the Caldwell Inn laying on top of a car parked in a nearby parking lot.

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