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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Busy With School And Work

I have been busy with school and work. Both keep me very busy.

I have four class at school, one is an online class. I took some getting used to doing a class online. I am learning a lot of things.

As for work, I have been learning a lot there too since in is my first management job. There are some problems at work that I am not happy about. Unfortunately, I can not quit because it will leave me with no income. I do not want to get hired over the biggest problem especially since it is caused by someone else. I do not want the problem blamed on me. The problem has been going on before I was hired and will go on after I am gone as long as the person and persons are still working there. The best things is to get laid off or to find another job. If I get laid off I can go back on unemployment. The big problem at work is one I have not had a problem with before, one I can not fix and the one who can will not fix.

I am thinking of taking the jump and try to start setting up my business now. I hope it will provide the money that I need in order to get things going on Jo Anne's Visa. Things are coming together for my own business. I have been making connections and finding information I need to start the business.

I am sure things will work out. God all provide for all my needs. He is preparing me for something big and great soon.

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Brian Miller said...

God does provide. Six years ago, I left corporate world to go into ministry. along with that came a HUGE pay cut. we have never gone without. Six months ago i had to leave my ministry position and i have been working part time. it has been a struggle. many times i am unsure why we are going through this period. (as you can probably tell from my post today). in the end though, we still have food, we have shelter and we have One that knows the answers to those questions...and one day He will let us know. thanks for stopping by. your header meant a lot to me today.