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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Website

I have decided to go ahead at release my new website to the public today. I am not finished with the setup at this time up I hoping to get some feedback to make it better by releasing it now. I moved my site to 50Webs from GeoCities since Yahoo! is closing GeoCities down in October of this year. I have kept the name Dan the Mountain Man's Cabin but have made several changes from the old site.

I do not have much information on the site but I hope in time to make the site a wealth of information. I do most of the website by typing the code myself so it takes a while to create a page but it gives me more control of how the page looks. I can edit the pages faster since I know where to look in the code. I have been working on web sites since 1996 as a hobby. I enjoy working on my site.

I have also add music to this Blog last night. The list of songs our songs that Jo Anne enjoy listening too. The player is at the bottom of the page.


BluesVox said...

Sounds great but where is the link to see the site?

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Ok I have fixed the link in the post. I left out the http://. The URL for my website is

BluesVox said...

Thanks Dan I appreciate it. The site is looking good and I tried the audio Bible verse and it worked great. You may think about a guest book but I know you are still working on it and probably had planned to do so. Looking good thanks for sharing