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Sunday, August 02, 2009

My Father’s Chair

As I took my rest this afternoon, I had a chance to reflect and see how blessed I am to have a loving parents who brought me up in the ways of the Lord. I remember way back 1998 when I attended the National Youth camp of our Church, the song My Father’s Chair was interpret by some youth through a Pantomime. This song really touch my heart, knowing that, in our time now more children were abandoned by their earthly parents and they are longing for the love and embrace that they should have. I want to share the writings that were written by David Meece who also sung this song, just visit I hope his writing will inspire you especially those who are living alone and were abandoned by their own family. Remember, our Father in Heaven will never leave us and he loves us very much. If you feel the pain of being alone, just look at on the empty chair and imagine that our God was sitting there and waiting for us to embrace us and give the love that we are longing.

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