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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Looking For A New Place To Live!

I am starting to take the steps for the next stage of my life. Part of this change is finding a new place to live. I need to find a place were Jo Anne can join my when she gets here. Of course, that is part of her Visa process. I will also need a place that will allow pet since I have Rayna.

The place that I live right now no longer means my needs for a place to live. I do not mind having a roommate. In fact, at this time a roommate or two is may be needed. I do not smoke or party, so it would be best to have a roommate that does not party also. I would prefer a Christian roommate. I already have a couple friends and family looking for a place for me. I will be checking around different places that list homes for rent. My friend that read this Blog if you know of a place for rent please let me know.

I hope one day to own my own place but at this time I can not afford a place of my own. I only have a few more month before my car is paid off. That will free up more money each month. I will continue to make the payment to my saving to buy a car without going into debt.

I am also looking for a second job that will work around my school schedule and other job. The second job is needed to get the money needed for Jo Anne's Visa. I also need to make more money to meet the minimum income requirement for Jo Anne's Visa.

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BluesVox said...

Good Luck in your search. I hope you find the perfect place. What area are you wanting to move to?