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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hope For People In Poverty

This past Sunday, Jen from my Sunday School Class reported about her mission trip to Ethiopia which she just returned from. She did work with a school and another ministry. The school helps teach students English. The ministry she worked with helps a community with AIDS to improve there lives.

Many of the things she talked about in want ministry to the people with AIDS is very similar to the ministry that I want to get started to help people to get out of poverty. Part of want the ministry in Ethiopia takes coffee beans and make jewelry which is sold to benefit the people in the community. People in the who get money use the money to help others in the community out. The ministry has also helped they to setup a saving account for needs in their future. This is very similar to the plan for my ministry. I plan on out into place with a poverty and see want skills the people their have and provide ways for they to use their skills to provide money for themselves and their family. I hope to open stores here in the United States and their home countries to sell the products the make. The money made from the sale of products will be used to pay the people and pay for improvement to their community and develop their skills more.

The ministry that I am working on setting up with on adults that live in poverty. The ministry will work to take care of physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in poverty. Poverty is more then lack of money but involves physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. I want to use the blessing that God has given me to bless other people. I plan to start with people in the Philippines and as we get thing setup partnerships with other ministries with the same goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. I know of a couple programs in Africa that helps people in poverty. Many are working to help with the scares of the many wars over the years.

Of course, as time goes on I will make updates here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. Right now, money is the biggest thing that has prevented we from getting things start at this time. I am sure that God will provide what is needed to get started when it is time to get started.


BluesVox said...

Sounds like a fantastic Plan Dan. I wish you the best of luck and sending my wishes of success.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Yes, it sounds like a great plan. Earlier this year, I started a charity to do that same thing: the Philippine Aid Society. Our goal is to fight poverty in the Philippines.

I'd love to hear from you and maybe we can work together or I can at least give you some advice on how to start. Please email me if you get a chance -