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Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

Yesterday, I have my first day of classes at the college. When I first got to the school I checked to see if the financial aid for my books was set up at the Book Store. Everything was setup for me to get my books so off to the book store. I got over to the book store and started looking for my books. I about died of a heart attack when I found the book for my accounting class and it cost over $200. I did not even to pick it up. I continue on looking for my other book and they were $56.50, $110.75 and $173.75. I got the other three books and went to the counter to see how much I had for book with my financial aid. I had enough to cover all my books. I even lucked out and they had one used book left for my accounting class that cost $153.50. Thank God!

I know you can buy the book for less online but you can not use financial aid on the websites. I wonder how much the books would cost if people had to pay for the book on their own. I would be willing to bet it would be a little cheaper. I now that I would have just left the books their and asked for a lower price.

After, I got my books I head off to my first class for the semester, my accounting class. I believe I will enjoy the class. They professor is my academic advisor and is enjoyable to talk and listen too. I am sure I will learn a lot this semester and hopefully end up with better jobs.

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BluesVox said...

Good luck Dan sounding good