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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen

Tonight, my mom and I threw a birthday party for my brother Stephen. Stephen is my older brother. He was happy to get away from the group home where he lives for awhile. Stephen is mentally handicapped. My mom visits him regularly and takes him and is girlfriend places. I feel sad up some of the other people that live in the group home where my brother lives because their family has nothing to do with them. The party was a little one, it was just Stephen, his girlfriend, my mom's friend, Bonnie, my mom and me. Bonnie made a birthday cake for for my brother. I cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. We all had a good time.

All day today, I was thinking of my grandmother. She passed away ten years ago today. She was the head of the family while she was living. She pushed we to do my best. She instilled the strength to get things done in me. The day she died, we waited to tell Stephen the next day. She died early in the morning of his birthday.

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