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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Great Fireworks at Green's Six Oaks

It was another great Fourth of July at Green's Six Oaks. I went oven to Green's just before 7 PM and eat dinner. Dinner was served by Mike's Chuckwagon from 4:30 to 7 PM. Then from 7 to 9 PM a couple of the local church sung Gospel songs. The evening ended with the best firework shows in the area. It is the best firework show because you have fireworks from Green's Six Oaks and then some fireworks from one or more of the local summer camps.

Ah, BBQ dinner. I had the pulled pork.

Here is one of the church groups singing.

Many people come to see the firework show that people just park along the road.

The Green River Fire Department was there for fire protection.

Hill that Green's Six Oaks fires the fireworks from.

The smiley fireworks. I am surprised I got the picture.

The will sort through the picture I took and post they in an album tomorrow. I will link to the album in a post tomorrow. Green's six Oaks does this every Fourth of July. They are located just off Exit 3 on US Highway 25 in Tuxedo, North Carolina.

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