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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming Up With A Budget

While, with the new job my monthly budget needs some major work. The good news is a have enough money coming in to take care of my basic needs, gas, and my bills. I will need to get another job to take care of my other financial goals. I need money for the processing fee for Jo Anne's Visa and I want to get a new computer.

If you have been reading this Blog for a time, you know I am working on getting out of debt. I am so glad that I have been living on a budget. Due to my monthly budgets, I have been able to make it through my period of unemployment without getting behind on my bills. I also had money to pay for emergencies.

In looking at my income now and my bills, I have decided that I need to get a part time job on the side to take care of building my emergency funds up, the Visa, and other things. I will be very busy when school starts in August. At least, my school is paid for and it will help me get a better job later on.

I keep a close eye on where I spend money. Today, I caught another pricing mistake at Wal-mart. I shop at Wal-mart because of the low prices but I am getting tired of the bad service. I am getting to the point that I going to stop shopping at Wal-mart. Aldi, Big Lots, and Ingles may cost more over all but I get better service when I go to their stores. I rather pay more for better service and better quality products. Beside, I can trust the price I see on the shelf at Aldi, Big Lots, and Ingles is what will ring up when I check out. It is harder to find things at Wal-mart then the other stores. It is coming time for me to exercise my choice and spend my money at places that provide the service and products I want.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't easy working to a budget, especially when we see something we really feel we should have and just know we can't afford it.

CJ xx