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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wow, What A Week

This has been sad week in the news. We lost three great talents this week, South Carolina's governor admits to an affair, and the house passes another job killing bill.

This week we lost Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. It is said that famous people die in threes. I grew up watching all three of them on the television. I remember Ed McMahon mostly from Star Search. Watching Farrah Fawcett in reruns of Charlie's Angels was great. Of course, Michael Jackson was my favorite music artist. I enjoyed his music, dancing, and videos my whole life. So this week we lost a lot of talent. They will be greatly missed.

For the sake of South Carolina, I hope Mark Sanford will not resign. What will do him in, is the trip last week to Argentina and the lying to his staff. He was one of the people who called for Bill Clinton to resign for his affairs. I am glad that Bill Clinton did not resign even with the many issues I disagree with him on. Governor Sanford has done a lot of good for the state of South Carolina. He was a possible Presidential candidate for the 2012 race. At this time, it looks like a presidential run is gone for him.

On Friday, the House voted for Cap and Trade. This is another bill that will cost more jobs. This bills will raise taxes on businesses. I ask you where do businesses get their money. They get their money from us by selling goods and services. Now when a business' taxes goes up they have to raise the price of the services and goods they provide. When to prices go up we buy less of those services and goods. If a business does for sell the enough services and goods to make a profit they cut jobs or go out of business. If a business goes out of business the tax with not be pay. Besides the business could use the money that is gives the government to pay the taxes to come up with the technology that would be cleaner for the environment. Guess want that would create jobs and plus the government could collect for taxes with out raising taxes. Raise taxes cost jobs and less jobs means the government collects less tax money.

It is great to take care of the environment but there are many questions about the so called facts the global warmer supporter claim. Nuclear power is the cleanness way to make power but in is government that prevents more nuclear power plant. Wind and solar power would do more damage to the environment that good. They are the least effect ways to producing power. I feel sorry for the poor animals that will loose their home if we go with wind and solar like President Obama wants. It is time, that we stand up and pay attention to what our Representatives in government doing and demand that listen to us.

We will work hard to over gone the challenges we have in life. And even after all this sad news this week we can still rest assure that God is still in control.

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