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Friday, June 12, 2009

Things To Do While Unemployed

Being unemployed can be a stressing time in ones life. You often feel like you lost value in your life. I have used this time in my life to improve myself and look for new things to enjoy doing. I would like to share a couple of these things that I do to keep my positive outlook.

Exercise and Balanced Diet

We have all heard and read about the different studies about the benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet. These benefits include prevention of disease, improvements in self-esteem and relieving depression, and weight control. One does not need a gym membership to do regular exercise. Their are ways to eat a balance diet with limited funds.

I have a couple routes that I walk around where I live. One is a loop that is 5 miles. I also enjoy going to walk around one of the local lakes in the area. For people who live in a city, I recommend walking in a park or going to the mall. Many malls have walking programs for people who work there.

You can also do sit-ups and push-ups at home. These and other exercise do not require exercise equipment. They are used to tone and build muscles.

To cut your food cost and still eat a balanced diet you have a couple thing you can do. You can buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. You can eat more beans as sources of protein.

Blogging and Websites

If you have not guess I do enjoy blogging. I also enjoy working on websites. You can set both blogs and websites for free at different services on the website. Blog and websites give you a chance to share your thoughts and knowledge with the world.


I volunteer to take photos of grave sites for people as part of the Photo Request program with Find-a-Grave. Volunteering with your church or other Non-profits organizations will not only give you the great feeling of helping people but it could help you getting job. Volunteering gets you experience and many employers like to hire people who volunteer.


One thing you seem to have is time when you are unemployed. Hobbies are a great way to fill the time you have. The hobby I enjoy doing is tracking my money with the use of Where's George. Genealogy is also another hobby you can enjoy. There are many websites and libraries that will help you in your research for free or little money.

Go Places

Take a day off from you job search and just explore different places around where you live. Take a hike at a nearby State or National Park. I enjoy visiting historical places. I go to Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock, North Carolina ever once in a while. The park has goats at the barn and great hiking paths. I use TripAdvisor to find some great places to go.


I enjoy reading different books and magazines. Take this time in your life to read books on a subject you always wanted to learn more about. You can also start reading a fiction book to help get your mind off of being unemployed. I enjoy reading books by Karen Hancock. She has a new book called The Enclave coming to store soon.

I hope that you will check back as I will continue the different things that I am doing. I hope the things I share give you ideas of things to do.

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