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Friday, June 19, 2009

I Had A Phone Interview Today

I got home today and had a message waiting for me on the answering machine. The hiring manager at a local retail store called about my resume. I called her back as soon as I listened to the message. She had stepped out of the store at the time I called, so I left my name an number. I waited a hour and called again. This time, she was the one who answered the phone. She asked me a few questions. At the end, I thanked her for her time and ask when she would be calling people for interviews. She said that would be in a week to ten days. I am sure that their are people who look better on paper but I know I could do a great job. Now it is time for the follow up stuff. Please pray for me!

This call has given we a lift in spirit. I have had only one other interview and it was a open interview. This was one that they called me and interviewed me on the phone. I can image that their where people who applied for the job that did not get a call. I will continue on looking for a job and getting ready for school.

Speaking about school, I am a little closer to having everything ready to start school in August. This week I got my financial aid forms filled out and turned in. I am not allowable for the Pell Grant. I will check with the college next week about other financial aid that is available for me when I drop off my high school transcripts. I can pick up the transcripts from the School Board Central Office on Monday.

I am excited about going back to college. I know that the degree I plan to get will help me get better jobs. It will also help me run my own business one day.

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