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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting Ready For School

Today, I went over to Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) to check on my registration for the fall semester. I was excepting to get a letter in the mail last week, since I do not get it I decided to check on it today. The lady in the Admission office say they had a back log of people registering for school. She told me the things that I needed to finish my registration. I also signed up to take a test to see if I could void taking some math classes. I picked up the form for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). I will fill it out and see what student aid I can get. I also need to finish filling out the form for Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

I have signed up for the Business Administration Marketing and Retailing program at BRCC. With this degree I plan to used to start my own business one day. With the WIA program, I with working with a local business while taking my class. This will give we some on the job experience. In the end, I will get an Associate of Applied Science Degree. I hope it will also lead to better jobs for me until I can get things start with my own business.

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