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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Frustrations With Looking Up A Job

I have been getting very frustrated lately looking for a job. There are many things that frustrate me in my job search. I still am keeping my hope up that I will find a job here soon. Hopefully not working for one of the companies that do the things that frustrate me.

First there are job that have been listed for over a month. Have these job not been filled or have they? Take the listing if the job has be fill. If you can not find someone to fill the job in a month, then you have set your requirements to high. No one is perfect. If you have hired someone for the job and just not taking the job listing down, it leaves me to wonder what other problems you are having with your business. Do I want to work for a incompetent business?

Then there are the places I go and I see that they have hired someone who can not do the job or at least do not care to take care of the customers. I understand people need time to learn the job. I am not talking about those people. With the number of people out there looking for work I am sure you can someone who can serve your customers the right way. I should not be surprised by this at all. I have seen many times where someone got fired for making a business money and taking care of the customers. I thought people started to make money but it looks like some businesses are only there to provide a job for people. These businesses make me ask if I really want to give you my business.

Then there is the companies that will not even give someone a change because they do not look go on paper. Sometimes people job for stupid reasons. One's future success can not be ruled out because they failed in their passed. People learn from their mistakes.

Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward... ~ Thomas Edison source: Thomas

Some of the best workers I have seen our people who have gotten in trouble with the law in their pass. I fully believe in given people a second chance. Sometimes one just needs a break to start a path on to greatness. Ask a people what goals they have and how they see their future. Giving someone a chance to show they have learned from their mistakes may give you a brighter future.

Then there are the places the tell you the reason they are not hiring you is not the reason they are not hiring you. Why bring that reason up if it is not the reason? And want is the real reason you are not giving me the job especailly when I will do a better job then the person you hired.

I know that I just vented with this post. It is good to just vent sometimes. I wish everyone good luck who are looking for a job. Those who are hiring people do not rule someone out because they may look bad on paper. They may be our best chioce for the job.

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