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Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog Hair

Today, I manage to gave Rayna a bath. Rayna does not care much for getting a bath. It was been a while since her last one. Something always seems a come up when I have planned to give her a bath. She was well behaved in the bath until a tried to wash under her legs. There are several tics that have made their home under there. Some it looks like its time to go to the pet store and get some stuff for tics.

After her bath, I let her go settle down in the yard. After a while, I went out and got her to come out of her hide place with the lure of a treat. I combed her hair and played with her a little. I got a lot of hair off of her in the process. I bet she will feel a lot cooler in the heat of the afternoon.
Rayna's hair
She sheds a lot of hair as you can see by the picture. It is often hard to get her to sit still long enough to to do any good. I am thinking of taking her for a ride to the pet store as a treat. May I will get her a road side water fall to get her use to the water for swimming later.

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