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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Signed Up For Classes

Today was a productive day with my school stuff. I met with my advisor at the college. After looking over my transferred credits and credits from class I already taking at Blue Ridge Community College, we scheduled my classes for the Fall Semester. If I go good in my classes and plan right I maybe able to finish my degree a semester early. All but one class is in the same building at the college. One of my classes is an online class. This will be my first online class. The professor's office for the class is in the same building as two of my other classes.

I also met up with one of counselor for the W.I.A. program at the Joblink Center and scheduled an appointment. I hope to be approved for that program. I am also waiting to hear from the Financial Aid Department about my financial aid package. I hope to get all my tuition and fees covered by the the package. If not a may have to cancel a class or too. As you know, if you have been reading Mountain Highs and Valleys Lows for long that I have committed to become debt free. That commitment means no student loans. Student Loans were the first thing to mess up my credit. I do not want to go through all that junk again.

Now, I just need to find a job. If I get in the W.I.A. program, I will get a job so I can use what I learned in school on the job. Until then I will continue to search for a job. Which I am sure something will come up soon.

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