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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Relaxing Spring Walk

Mountain Laurel and Dogwood TreesI enjoy going for walks during the spring time. New leaves are coming and the trees and some tree being the bloom with their flowers. Here in Western North Carolina we have the Dogwood, Tulip or Yellow Poplar, Mountain Laurel and the Rhododendron trees that bloom. On my walk this afternoon, I got some pictures of the flower from the tree that are in bloom along the road I live. These flowers make the walk a little more enjoyable.

Mountain Laurel TreeMountain Laurel tree are small and closely related to the Rhododendrons. They normally grow together in a thickets. The flowers are white or pink. Mountain Laurels are toxic, so avoid eating in recommended. It is safe to burn Mountain Laurel but for precaution do not breathe in the smoke. The smoke of could cause a reaction in some people. I would not use the wood in a cooking fire.

Yellow Poplar TreeThe Yellow Poplar Tree is very common in area I live. Most of the time the flower of the poplar tree is high over at the top of the trees. But one lucks out and they see the blooming tulip lower down on the tree. The Yellow Poplar tree is also known as tulip tree. They can grow to the height of 190 feet though 150 to 170 feet in height are common.

The Dogwood Tree is the State Flower for North Carolina and is very common all over the state. It is also my favorite flowering tree to see. In a legend that I heard when I was a boy, says that Jesus cross was made out of the wood from the Dogwood tree. After Jesus' crucifixion, God twisted the tree so it could not be used as a cross again. God give it flower to remind people of want happened on the cross. The dogwood flower is in the shape of a cross. In the center of the flower is a crown and at the end of the pedals in a red marks. The crown in the middle represent the crown of thorns put on his head. The red marks of the represents the wounds of Jesus caused by the nails and crown of thorns.

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Jo Anne said...

I love looking at the pictures you posted my Love. Im happy to see all the beautiful flowers at your place. I miss you and I love you very much. Mwahhhhh....XXXOXXX