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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fighting The Allergies

This week has been a busy week. I helped my sister out on Monday and Wednesday with running some errors she needed to do. Starting on Tuesday my allergies started to act up. I took Friday and Saturday to rest only leaving to have Mother's Day dinner with my Mother.

I only had problems with allergies after I got a bad cold while going to college. Something went around my dorm making everyone sick at some point. I was one of the last to get sick. Since then I have have allergies in the spring and fall time of year.

As you can see I have been taking a lot of pictures of flowers lately. The only bad thing about the beautiful flower that are in blossom is all the pollen in the air. The allergy make it hard to breathe sometime and it takes a lot of energy just to walk around the house. I am taking medication and it seems to be working.

Dinner with mother Friday night was real fun being that I did not feel like driving or walking. I let mom drive my car to the Twin Dragons in Brevard, North Carolina for dinner. The Twin Dragons is a great Chinese Buffet. The food was good on Friday night. We shared dinner on Friday because mom had to work today.

I started coughing so bad this morning I decided to go home after eating breakfast at Burger King. I did not want to spread sickness around the church.

I am feeling a lot better now that I am taking Benadryl. I am enjoying my rest here at home. I hope the allergies will end soon. At least it is not the swine flu.

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