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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adjusting My Plan

This afternoon I had an appointment at the Joblink Center to come up with some ideas on finding a job. Today, I worked with Mary she helped me redo my resume to highlight my skills better. She also suggested that I try some career field that I have been over looking.

Over the years the people who work at the Joblink Center have been very helpful to me. That the Joblink Center you can get job leads, job search workshops, and many other resources to help you find and get a job. They staff is friendly and gives words of encouragement when you need it.

Since I lost my in March, I have would any calls for an interview on any of the application I turned in at this time. Some with the help of Joblink, I am making some changes in the way I am looking and applying for work. I am sure that I will be find a job soon.

Once I get a job, Jo Anne and I can start the process for her Visa to come the the United States. Once she comes to the United States, we will have ninety days to get married. I have been saving a little bit of money each week from my unemployment some I can pay the processing fee for the paperwork for the Visa. In the worse case I will have money to live off of when my unemployment runs out. I believe that I will find work before that happens.

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