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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring is Blooming

I thank God that I live in such a beautiful part of the the world. I took this picture while job hurting in Arden, North Carolina. It is great seeing the leaves starting to grow on the tree. Western North Carolina is full of great views. These views make the looking for job a little better.

I can not wait for the weather to get a little warmer so I can go swimming in a swim hole up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I am going to try to see Rayna, my dog, will go swimming. Last year, my friend, Seth and I went swimming at the swim hole and I talk with a young lady about her dog that she had there. She said her dog did not want to get in the water the first time she brought him. Now he can not get enough of the water. I am hoping Rayna will enjoy swimming, too. I have hope because the last time I give her a bath she stay claim and did not try to get out of the bath tub. Of course, I will post the pictures and tell you about Rayna's swim when I take her.

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