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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shadow over Kiriath

Last night, I finished reading Shadow Over Kiriath by Karen Hancock. Shadow Over Kiriath is the third book in the Legends of the Guardian King series by Karen Hancock. She is the author of Christian Fantasy / Science Fiction books.

This book was less action packed then the the first two books. But with reading review on Shadow Over Kiriath, it serves as a bridge from the first two to the fourth book of the series. After finishing the book I'm looking forward to starting the fourth book in the series, Return of the Guardian-King.

Abramm Kalladorne becomes king of Kiriath. Abramm gets married to form an alliance with Kiriath's neighbor, the Kingdom of Chesedh. Will the marriage work? Who can he trust as he tries to follow Eidon's will?

I enjoy reading Karen Hancock's book. I can not wait for her sixth book to come out soon. I plan on buying it as soon as it it available in stores.

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