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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Greenville, SC Pre Tea Party

With today being Tax Day here in the United States, I decide to join the people at on Chiefs Wings & Firewater on Congaree Rd in Greenville, SC for the Pre Tea Party. This Pre Tea Party was organized by WORD Radio in Greenville, SC. Russ Cassel from WORD has there with national talk show host Mike Gallagher.

Tea Parties that are being held across the country are a grassroots movement. They are not just anti-tax protest. People who attend the Tea Parties are people who are tired of the taxes and out of control spending by both the Republicans and the Democrats.

I went to Chiefs today because, I am upset with both the Republicans and the Democrats on many issues. I believe neither party is listening to the people of this great country, we call the United States of America. I work and pay my taxes. I am tired of the wasteful spending I see in all levels of government.

I live on a budget. I have been working hard to pay what debt I have off. When I am out of money, that is it. I do not continue to spend money. It is time the Government does the same. I am tired of seeing the government putting money into programs that do not work. It is time to get rid of these programs or reform them so they do work. If companies are not being run right then let them fail. The government does not need to bail them out. People will start new businesses to replace these companies. These new companies will be more profitable, create more jobs and more tax money for the government, then the badly run companies. Times are hard now but we and made it through hard times before. The less government tries to help the better we and our children will be.

I am all for people coming immigrating to this country if they do it legally. I getting ready to go through the immigration process to get my fiancé here. It upsets our government officials in Washington, DC want to get people who are breaking the law by being here their citizenship for free while I am getting ready to pay thousands of dollars for my fiancé to come here legally.

The Greenville Pre Tea Party was very peaceful. The only bad thing that happen was that a little boy and his father was hit by a vehicle. Both are doing okay by what I heard.

In the end, it is time for the government officials to realize they work for us not the other way around. If you have a blog use it to voice your opinion and back it back by voting for real change. Vote they all out.

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