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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GeoCities Closing Later This Year

When I logged onto GeoCities this evening to work some on the updates I have been working on for my Dan the Mountain Man's Cabin website, I saw that Yahoo! has decided to close GeoCities down later this year. Sometime this summer, they will send out e-mail to the members of GeoCities with details on when and how to save their sites. This is better then want a heard AOL did with their web hosting. Yahoo! does a much better job of customer service then AOL any way.

I have a website on GeoCities since 1996. I will miss GeoCities, since it is the best free web hosting site that I have worked with over the years. At this time, I plan on looking for a new free web host to start a new site. I may one day decide to go with a paid service but for now web design is just a fun hobby that I do not want to pay to do. Maybe after, I get a new computer and get a website editor the paid service will be worth the money. As things are the new computer and the paid service is out of the picture.

I guess in the mean time, I will be sitting down and planning out my new website. I have done most of the code on Dan the Mountain Man's Cabin by hand. That is the biggest reason I do not want to pay for web hosting at this time . The site is also in need of a major update any way. The new start will give me a chance to improve layout of the pages and the way I share the information on the website.

I will keep my Blog hear with the service through Blogger. The only thing did not like about GeoCities was that I had now control over the ad that appeared on my site. With Blogger, you have a little control over the ads on your Blog. You can decide to have they or not and where they are on your blog. You can also control a little bit of what type of ads appear on your Blog.

I will keep you uptodate on things right here as always. Plus, I welcome any recommendtion of another Free Web Hosting Service.

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