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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eyes to the Hills Exhibit

Today, I went to the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, SC. to see the Eyes to the Hills Exhibit. The exhibit tells the history of the dark corner section of South Carolina. The Eyes to the Hills Exhibit started on April 3, 2009 and will run until September 20, 2009. The admission for the museum is $5 and $5 to see the documentary Dark Corner. Dark Corner will be playing every Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM. Please check with museum since times are subject to change.

The dark corner is the northeast part of Greenville County and a small part of Spartanburg County around Glassy Mountain. The name dark corner comes from Nullification Crisis of 1832 when the residents in the dark corner were against the Ordinance of Nullification which the People of South Carolina called for the nullification of the United States Constitution. The dark corner is a beautiful area with a history of , hot tempers, feuds, and moonshine.

I was interested in this exhibit because I do a lot of photo request for people in the churches that are in the dark corner. I learned the Head of Enoree Baptist Church was founded in 1778 and was located near the head waters of the Enoree River. In 1819 the church moved to their presented day location in Travelers Rest, SC. In 1846 they changed their name to the Reedy River Baptist church. The exhibit calls the Reedy River Baptist Church the mother church of Rock Springs, Double Springs, Clear Springs, Ebenezer, Berea, Tyger, Glassy Mountain, Enoree, Forestville, First Baptist of Travelers Rest, and Clearview Baptist Churches.

You can drive through the dark corner today by taking South Carolina Highway 11 and Old US Hwy 25. Today the dark corner includes the Cliffs at Glassy, the Greenville Watershed, and the Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve. North Greenville University is also in the area called dark corner.

I recommend if you live or are going to be the Greenville area through September 20, 2009 that you should stop by the Upcountry History Museum and see the Eyes to the Hills Exhibit. The museum does a great job telling the history of the dark corner.

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