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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woman Calls 911 Over No McNuggets

Over the past couple days, I have been hearing and reading about a woman in Florida who call 911 because McDonald's do not have the McNuggets she ordered. The manager of the McDonald's refused to refund her money. The woman called 911 three times and was arrested and charge with misuse of 911.

In defense of the woman, the manager should have offered her a refund of her money. After reading an article on the website for TC Palm, I do not think she even gave the manager time to offer the refund. In any case, she should have know you do not call 911 because of this. The 911 service is for emergencies and in no way is what happened here an emergency. If this happens to you should call the Home Office. You will get your refund and maybe other stuff.

From reading the article the staff at the McDonald's was doing what they needed to do. I have worked in fast food before and the first thing you do when something like this happens is offer something else of the menu. If the customer do not what something else you offer a refund at that point. I get the feeling that the woman got upset to quickly to be offered the refund. Some many of us want what we want right now and we do not want to wait.

I hope you will read the article and listen to the 911 calls. I wonder what you think.

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