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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trusting in God

I am sorry that I have not posted anything sooner. The last couple days have been rough. When I get home the Internet is not working on my computer. The modem was unplugged. My roommate got it working again. Then I have not been feeling to good since being back. I am not really sick just have the yucks. Then today I was told that I do not have a job.

Some good news is my sister have a baby girl on Monday. I saw my new niece today and she is very beautiful. I have a little money saved up in the bank to hold me until I start getting some income. I already started looking for work. I sure God has better thing planned for me. Right now I am putting my trust in the Lord.

Now looking back on my trip. The plane ride back was great. The flights were a little for bumpy then the flights there but not bad. I wish I was still in the Philippines. The weather was a lot better and plus I would be with the Love of my Life. It was in the upper 80s and 90s in the Philippines. I came home to 7 inches of snow and frozen water pipes. It did get in the 50s today.

I enjoyed my time in the Philippines. I will work on sharing about some of the things I saw and learned while there. Thank all of you for following this Blog.

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