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Monday, March 02, 2009

Trip Drawing to an End

Today was my last day in the Philippines. We spend the day packing, getting last minute gifts for friends, and saying bye to friends and family. I will miss my new family here is the Philippines.

We will get up early in the morning to head to airport for my flight home. It will be so hard to leave my Love here in the Philippines. I wish I could stay here where my Love is and the weather is warm. It has been in around 90 degrees here and back home in is cold and snowing right now.

I will have many thing to share when I get back home and have many blog entries about things I did during this trip. I hoped to share something everyday I was here but we were busy seeing places and meeting people. I will share the things that I was not able too when I get home and will have time to write.

I hope to return to the Philippines in about six month to being my Love back home to the United States. I hope that a couple friends or family will join me. I am sure they will enjoy the trip here.

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