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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tough Week

You can say this has been a very tough week for me. I left my Love in the Philippines. I come back to cold weather and 7 inches of snow, told I do not have a job anymore, have to spend $100 to fix my car, and then today I got my taxes done and find I owe some money on my taxes.

The snow is gone for the most part. The only snow left is were it got piled up. The water is working in the house now. Hope the pressure gets stronger. I miss the warm temperatures that I had in the Philippines.

When I went to work to find out when I could start back, I was told I had no job. I have a little money in the bank that will last a month I hope. The bad thing is that I needed to get a new wheel and tire for the car. The wheel was cracked which caused the air to lick out. I got a new tire since I drove on the tire flat a couple times. I also need to get the brake pads replaced. I hope to do the brakes tomorrow. I need to find a dry place to work on my car.

I went to the mall in town and have my taxes done with AARP tax service. It is a free service offered by AARP. I was hoping to get a little money back. Since my ex workplace did not take out the federal and state withholding for a little over a month last summer I have to pay more tax. The good thing is I have to April 15, 2009 to pay what I owe. I am sure I will have a new job by then.

I really miss being with my Love. I was planning on coming back and start saving for her to join me here in the United States. Now, we have to wait until I get a job to start the Visa process. The Visa will take about four month to be approved. I was going to start looking for a second job when I got back but I guess I am looking for two jobs. I always filed for unemployment and hope that will start soon. I already have gotten a couple applications out. I plan on working hard this week on getting back to work because the sooner I get a job the sooner I will be back with my Love. This time it will be forever and we will be husband and wife.

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. ~ Psalm 62:8 (ESV)

I am putting all my trust in the Lord. He has provided for all my needs in my life so far. I know that he will not stop providing for me. I am sure that I will get a job and be getting back on the road to being with my Love.

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