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Saturday, March 28, 2009

God Providing

First I would like to thank all from my friends that have been and offered assistants to me in the past few weeks. I am grateful for you.

I still have no job, but I am sure I will get one here once. I got my first unemployment benefits on Thursday. After making my budget out I will have enough to cover my bills, food and other expenses. God has provided for my needs in the past and always will provide for them in the future.

Friday morning, I got up early and heading to Blue Ridge Community College to take the WorkKeys Tests. I did pretty good on the tests. The tests cover Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information. Many employers use these test to see what skills people have that they are hiring. When you finish the test you get a Career Readiness Certificate. To learn more about the Workkeys test and the Career Readiness Certificate check out the WorkKeys website.

Starting tomorrow, Jo Anne and I decided to try having theme weeks. Our first theme week will be on Compassion International. I hope you read the entries over this coming week and learn more about this great organization.

I am sure that I will get a job hear soon. Thank all of you who have given me job leads they have been helpful.

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