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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

17 Days of Being Together, Is Hard To End up!

Time is moving, the day passed so quick. It's really hard for me and my Love to be apart again. The 17 days is too short for us to enjoy the moment of happiness of being together. This morning, me and my Dad together with my cousin, sent off my Love to the airport. The moment we hated but we know this is just temporary as we prepare things to be together forever. I will miss my Love very much. For 17 days that we spent going out, eating together, doing our prayer time together, having fun jokes with each other, and most especially serving the Lord together are some of the things that I will miss. My Love, is a great blessing to me and also to my family. I always thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful gift. He is a treasure that I will keep in my heart until I die. God answered my prayers more than the things I have asked for Him, I long so much on the day we will become husband and wife. The night before his departure, we spent more time talking with each other, cried out the sadness we have in our hearts and talked more about our plans for the coming months. At exactly 4:30AM we leave the house and heading off at the airport. I can't explain what I felt that moment, my heart is breaking to see my Love going out the house and thinking he will leave me again for a long time. We arrived at the airport around 5:00 AM, and at exactly 5:30 AM my Love decided to go inside. I am glad that my bestfriend get me a gate pass so I able to go inside the airport. The time we went inside the departure area, is the hardest part for us. After getting his ticket and do the check in of his baggage, we spent a little time together. Around 7AM, we say goodbye to each other, both with tears in our eyes, hugging with each other and wishing he will stay here for good or I will go with him that time. By the time we arrived at home, I feel so sad because I miss him. I can say that it's hard for me to live without my Love. He is the source of my joy and happiness and all I want is to spend the rest of my life with him. We will pray hard and ask the Lord's help to make everything quick and smooth for us so we can be together forever.

Love, no matter how far we are right now my heart is with you and always with you. I want you to take care of yourself always. I miss you very much and remember that I love you very very very very very very very very very very much and I will continue to love you for the rest of my life.

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Anonymous said...'ll be okay, and we will torture Daniel here for you, lol.
You have a new neice, Mary had a baby girl pn Monday afternoon.