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Saturday, February 07, 2009

“A Dream Come True”

Few days to go, then finally me and my Love will spend our time together. Both of us are busy preparing things that we need on our trip in Baguio and other places in Manila. This is the moment we most awaited for a year now and we thank the Lord for making it possible for us. My excitement to see my Love grows more each day and everytime I look back from the start of our relationship, tears falls down on my eyes because of the joy and happiness I have in my heart. I am proud to introduce my Love to all my family and friends. As of now, we have set some schedules about the things we're going to do together and the places we're going to visit each day. Two weeks will be a very busy day for us and this is the moment we're going to spend our time together to know each other well. One of the most important plan that we made is doing our Mission together, a mission of serving the Lord in a way He wants to use us. We pray and hope that we become a source of blessing to people. A dream will only come true if you keep your faith to our Lord Jesus Christ who make all things possible.

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