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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy Busy

Jo Anne and I hoped to post something each day but we have been very busy with thing here. We are enjoying our time together.

My flight went very good. It was 27 hours of planes and airports. This was my first time flying, so I guess you can say I jumped right into the deep end with flying. I flew out of GSP in Greer, SC to Houston and then to Tokyo, Japan. I never thought so much of the United States was so flat. The Rockies and the mountains in Alaska were very beautiful to look down upon. Japan was very interesting. I hope to be able to visit there someday. From Tokyo, it was unto the airport in the Manila. Once the plane landed I wanted to it out to my Love as quick as I could. It felt like forever for my bag to come from the plane. I was amazed it made it being that the last I saw it was 27 hours and 10,000 miles before.

Once I got my bag and made it through Customs it was outside where I saw what looked like a million people to me. I made it down where people pickup passengers and Jo Anne's cousin Arlyn found me and took me to my Love. It felt so good to finally to be with my Love. On the way to her house I quickly learned the lines on the road mean nothing. We made it home safe and straight to bed once we got my stuff in the house.

Saturday my Love fixed me a great breakfast. Then later we went to a wedding party where I met some more of her relatives. After the party headed to the two malls that are near by. Both malls are side by side and five stories tall. One of the malls in the second biggest mall in the world. I must have saw the same number of people just in those to malls that live in my home state of North Carolina. We eat dinner at a Italian restaurant called Italiannis. We decided to head home after dinner. We waited for over two hours for a taxi to take us home.

Sunday we went to my Loves church, Banlat IEMELIF Church. After a wonderful lunch at her brother's house we went back to her church for the handing out of the shoe boxes from Operation Christmas Child. After that we went to the mission where my love works.

I have to head of the bed now. I promise more details on Wednesday. We are heading out early in the morning to visit a town 2 hours away called Laguna tomorrow.
We try to post about that trip when we get back home. We plan on resting on Wednesday since we are leaving Baguio on Thursday. Wednesday we will post all the pictures and post more detail stories on what we have been doing.

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