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Thursday, February 05, 2009

7 Days To Go: Day of Final Preparations

Yesterday and today, I have been working on some final preparations for my trip to visit my Love, Jo Anne, in the Philippines. I also have been getting things that I will need here at the house before I leave. Needless to say, I have been busy.

Yesterday, I went around to the different thrift stops in Hendersonville with no luck at finding and pair in my size. I like the Council On Aging Thrift Shop since I normally find what I am looking for and it is clean. Unfortunately, yesterday they did not have the jeans I need. Council On Aging is the thrift shop I like to go to because the money goes to the Meals On Wheels program which was a great help to my grandfather before he went to the nursing home and died. After the Council On Aging Thrift Shop, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop. They have moved into a new building but it seemed small then their old building and plus the fact it did not smell good in there. Goodwill was the next one I went to without finding want I was looking for. I like the Goodwill store because they seem to have a lot.

Since I could not find what I need in Hendersonville, I decided to check out the thrift shops in Greenville, SC. I normally do my grocery shopping and get gas in Traveler's Rest, SC so traveling a little extra distance to Greenville was not to bad. I first went to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Greenville and it was clean but seem disorganized with the clothes and had very little in men's clothes that I could find. There was a lot of women's clothes fixed in what was marked the men's section. I then tried to locate the second Salvation Army Thrift Shop that was listed for Greenville. I guess the website that I got the addresses off of was wrong because I could not even find a building with the address number on the road where it was to be. The next one I went to I knew before going that I would not find a pair of jeans there. That would be the Habitat For Humanity Home Shop. I enjoy looking around there since it was clean, well organized and had a lot of nice things. Then I headed over to the Miracle Hill Ministries Thrift Shop on Wade Hampton Boulevard. I like this thrift shop not only because I found jeans in the size I needed but it was clean and very organized. Plus, that fact it sells jeans and pants for $2 less then the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Greenville.

Miracle Hill Ministries has provided help for people issues of homelessness, addiction and abuse since 1937 in Upstate South Carolina. They offer shelter, food and other services.

After returning from shopping and getting gas in South Carolina I came home and started working on things there. I worked a little on getting my things ready and packed for my trip to the Philippines. It seems for the last couple weeks the weather gets cold and the pipes freeze up on my days off. So I have to go down to the creek to get water for cleaning and flashing the toilet. Since the last two night the temperature has been in the in the single digits (around -5 C) the creek froze over. I had to use a rock to make a hole in the ice in order to get water out of the creek. I took pictures of the creek which you can see by clicking on the slide show below.

Getting Water From The Creek

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