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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 Days To Go: Last Minute Preparations

Today will be spend packing the last minute item in my baggage, one last run to the bank, and organizing my money by how I am going to spend it. After I got that done I hope to get a little sleep before having to get up early Thursday morning to go to the airport to catch my flight. My excitement is growing by the hour. Friday is the day that I see my Love in person for the first time. We will spend 17 days together and we will try to post pictures and updates when we can.

This will be my first time flying in a plane. I for nervous about the the flights. I nervous about the layovers at the airports. I have to layover in Houston, Texas and Tokyo, Japan. I am worried about making the next flight on my trip. I figure the crew knows what they are doing when it coming to flying the plane more then I do. Getting on the plane is the only work I have you do.

I am ready for my adventure. I only have been outside the United States once before and that was Niagara Falls in Canada. With this trip to the Philippines I do feel a little like I am jumping into the deep end. First time flying and looking at 27 hours at flight and airports. Then living in a different culture for 17 days with some who do not speak English and I do not speak their language. I hope to pick up some Tagalog while I am there.

I hope that you will continue to check back for updates on Jo Anne and mine adventure together. As we plan to share our time together here.

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