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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100 years of the IEMELIF Church

This morning, Jo Anne and I attended part of the General Conference of the IEMELIF Church. Jo Anne's church, Banlat IEMELIF Church, is a member of the church. The church is a part of the Methodist movement in the Philippines.

At this conference they are celebrating 100 years. In 1909, the IEMELIF church was formed as an independent church from the United Methodist Church to better reach the people of the Philippines. While at the conference I read the history of the church and belief of the church. I found they very close to my baptist beliefs. I agree with the view that the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus is our number one task as Christians. This task comes before cultural, racial, and other differences we have in the Christian church.

This evening Jo Anne and I are celebrating are one year anniversary by having a engagement party. We have invited friends and family over to share in the enjoy of our engagement.

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