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Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Goals for 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! In 2008, God blessed me with a beautiful that loves me. I am looking forward to the day that we become husband and wife.

Now that 2009 has begun I would like to set myself some goals to achieve this year. My first goal is to pay off my car which I own just over $1600. If I continued to just make the monthly payment I will pay it off in February 2010. I will have to pay extra on it to achieve this goal. This goal is another step towards my goal of becoming debt-free.

My second goal is to finish read the Bible all the way through. Back in February of 2008, I set a goal of reading the whole Bible. I printed out a Bible Reading Checklist and start marking off the chapters of the Bible as I read them. Now to help we finish this goal, I am setting a date to be finished by and that date is December 31, 2009.

I hope that you have a bless year this year. Please check back to see how I am doing on my goals for this year.

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