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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meeting Countdown Starting Again

Before Christmas, I had been doing a post everyday to countdown the days until my beloved Jo Anne and I meet in person. Jo Anne and I started talking over a year ago. We have been talking everyday since, especially after we decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. That was on February 25, 2008. We have used e-mail, Instant Messengers, letter and cards, text messages and the phone to communicate. Our biggest blessing is our prayer time that we have everyday.

I stopped the countdown to do the twelve days of Christmas countdown and after that I decided to take a little from posting as much. Now with 31 days left until Jo Anne and I meet in person for the first time, I decided to start the countdown back again. This time each day I will post either a trip updates, talk about our plans while we are together, issues facing the Philippines, or facts about the Philippines. The facts about the Philippines will include information on the history of the Philippines, places, or people but not limited to that. Basically, I will pick anything about the Philippines and share it here. I hope that you will check here each day and learn more about the Philippines with me.

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