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Monday, January 12, 2009

Airlines Recond Safest 2 Years

With 32 days to go before my beloved, Jo Anne and I meet in person, I read an article in today's USA Today that made me feel better a my flight. The article titled, Airlines record safest 2 years, in the paper talked about how in the plane crashes of U.S. flights than no one died in 2007 and 2008.

This does make me feel a little better about flying for the first time in February. I already that flying in a plane is safer that riding in a car which is something I do everyday. In looking at what the article says and thinking about it, I would say the three things are the main reasons for this. The first is Airplane Manufactures are continually improving the planes they make. The next being better trainer of pilots and the rest of the crew both on the plane and on the ground. The third reason would be less flights. The airlines have cut the number of flight because of high gas prices and less people traveling by plane.

I am sure that the airline industry will continue to work on improving safety of the planes. If they could improve on their customer service that I hear people complain about a lot that would be great. But I only going by what I heard from other people and hope that I have a pleasant trip to and from the Philippines.

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