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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sixth Day of Christmas: Christmas Tree

One thing, I looked forward to doing when I was younger was getting out the Christmas tree and decorating it each Christmas. My grandparents had an artificial tree that they bought when my mother was a little girl. My Grandfather and I would put it together. Once we had the tree together my grandparents and I would decorate the tree. We would put lights, tinsel, store brought and homemade ornaments on the tree.

Christmas Trees are believe to be first used about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe. Evergreen trees are used to symbolize the everlasting life of God. If you like to read more on the history of the Christmas Tree go to whychristmas?com

Today, families and business decorate their Christmas tree different. I prefer artificial tree up in the house. My roommate and his family prefers live trees. Live trees are safe as long as you keep them watered. Many people choose a theme for their tree and other buy or make a new ornament for each year. The Christmas tree in the picture in from the Mountain Inn & Suites in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Here in North Carolina, just a little north of where I live you can go to Christmas Tree Farms and buy a live Christmas tree. In this morning's Hendersonville Times News I saw the following stats.

2nd largest Christmas Tree producing state is North Carolina
20 percent of all live Christmas Trees in the United States are produced by North Carolina
95 percent on all North Carolina grown Christmas Trees are of the Fraser Fir species
100 million dollars annual North Carolina income is from the Christmas Tree industry
source: Times-News, December 19, 2008

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