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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ninth Day Of Christmas: Good Deeds

Many during the Christmas season do things for others. With the economy going down the drain it is even more important for the people who can to help others this year. I try to share the blessings the God has given me throughout the year. I hope the following story that I found will inspire you help help those in need not only during Christmas but all year round.

Man loses job, still offers holiday help to others

A man loses his job and still manages to give away Christmas Tree to people can not afford one.

Area volunteers prep for bountiful Christmas feast

The Bounty of Bethlehem, is a community dinner held at Immaculata School gym. Over 600 volunteers work to provide dinner for people on Christmas especially people who have no one to share Christmas dinner with and can't afford a Christmas dinner.

'Secret Santas' Dole Out $100 Bills to Needy Strangers

Each years I hear about someone handing money out to people in need anonymously. You to can do this one.

Some other ideas to do good deeds for people:

  • Tip people more then want you normally tip then. (i.e. $50)

  • Tip people you normally do not tip (i.e. Store Clerk, Front Desk Clerk at Hotel)

  • Help a neighbor with yard work or putting up Christmas decorations

  • Help at the Homeless Mission

  • Help at the local Food Bank

I hope you will remember the blessing you do have this time of year and help others with the blessings you have. If you do not not have money give your time to people. May we all have a Merry Christmas this year.

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