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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eighth Day of Christmas: Candy Canes

I enjoy eating candy canes during the Christmas season. Many people like me use them the decorate their Christmas Tree. Candy canes first appeared in the 17th century and the red and white strips we know today come to be at the begin of the 20th century. Even though there or stories that they were used by persecuted Christians in Europe,these stories are not true. By the 17th century most of Europe was Christian. The only historical connection to Christianity is their use as decorates for Christmas. For more information on the stories of candy canes go to

As with many customs we have during Christmas, the use of candy canes depends on what they stand for to you. To many people the candy cane is the "J" in Jesus name. to others it represents a shepherd's hook. The red color stands for the blood of Jesus through which we have forgiveness of our sins. The white stands for Jesus' purity. So enjoy your candy canes and remember the greatest gift you every received the forgiveness of your sins.

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