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Sunday, December 07, 2008

68 Days To Go: Education

This past day has been focused on education related stuff. Jo Anne and I have been talking about her exam for physical therapy. She has a degree to be a Physical Therapist. We have been looking up the requirements for her to be a Physical Therapist when she gets here in the United States. As far as we can tell she will only need to take the board exam. We will find out in the application process if she need to take a class or two first or other exams. I am sure she will do great.

I also talked with my friend David from Africa. I have been trying to help him get into a college here in the United States. He want to use he education to help people in Africa to come to know the Lord. He applied to a state school but we have not heard anything from them. We are now going to check into some of the colleges that are corrected with the Southern Baptist Convention. There for at least four schools within a two hour drive from where I live that I am going to look into for him. In doing this we hope that we can get some help from my church and the Southern Baptist Convention. I will post updates hear as things happen for David.

With will this research in to exams and school I have been thinking about going back to school. That will wait until atleast next year.

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