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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

66 Days To Go: Doing Good

With 66 days to go, I took some time to try to find a soup holder on Main Street in Hendersonville. I was not able to find it and I have not found one in any other stores that I have checked. While looking around in the Mast General Store, I ran into Andrew who I know for around ten year now. Andrew told me about the film that him and his brother, Ben, are working on. They have made a documentary called Freedom House, about orphans in Thailand and Burma that use video cameras to produce movies. The documentary is called Freedom House. Andrew and Ben have a heart to do things for God and you can often find they doing something to impact the world for God. I had added a link to the web site for the Freedom House Movie on the side bar of this Blog.

After talking with Andrew, I got to thinking how blessed I am to have many friends that are doing great thing to sharing Jesus with the world. I look forward do spending the rest of my life sharing Jesus with the world with my beloved Jo Anne beside me as my wife.

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