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Friday, November 07, 2008

My View on the Election

On Tuesday, the people of the United States elected their first fixed race President. I hope this will encourage my fellow Americans to work hard to improve their lives and reach for their dreams. I disagree with Barack Obama on many issues and do not support his plans for our great country. I will pray for him daily, that God will give him the wisdom the run the United States in the best way.

Yes, we need change here the United States. We need to look at ourselves for this change not the government for the changes we need to make. We have the best health care in the world. People come from all over the world to attend our schools and even to live here. We need to work on improving all parts of our lives. We do not need to look to other countries for ideas on how to improve our country. Americans have come up with the best ideas to improve the lives of not only Americans but all people around the world. Socialism have failed in every country that has tried it to better the lives of its people. Government programs make people more dependent on the government instead of helping people get to a point they can rely on themselves to achieve their goals and dreams.

Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with people who have made statement after statement of how they late America. I could not stay at a church that the pastor preached hate against a group of people based on the color of their skin. If the pastor of my church started speaking about such hate, that would be the last service I would go to at that church. I am not implying here that if you voted for Barack Obama that you hate America. I do question Mr. Obama love for the United States.

George Bush is not the one who caused the problems we have in this country today. Yes, some of the blame is on his shoulders, but the president can do very little with out the approval of the 535 members of congress. The biggest cause of the economic crisis is people living beyond their means and other peoples greed.

We are in Iraq because we were attacked by terrorist. Saddam had many chances to open his country to the United Nations inspectors to prove he did not have any weapons of mass destruction. We had many source other then George Bush claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction including many Democrats. Saddam had killed many of his own countrymen. The people of Iraq our better off today then they were under Saddam. The United States is building roads, school and improving utilities in Iraq. One only has to look at our history to know that when Iraq has a stable government that is able to protect and support itself and its people, the United States will leave. We did it in Japan, German, and the Philippines just as a few examples. There is also the fact that under George Bush's leadership we have not had another attack on our homeland or interest outside the war zones. We need to hit back when we are hit by their terrorist. They are bent on our destruction and they will not rest until that happens. They have broken every promise they have made in our talks with them. We need to back our talk up to prove we need business.

May God bless our next president, Barack Obama, protect him from harm and give him wisdom to do what is right for the United States. And as always may God bless the United States and may she be free forever more.

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