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Saturday, November 29, 2008

“Mission at Work”

It’s a wonderful blessing to work at Scandinavian Children’s Missionary. I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this institution where I can use my profession and at the same time I was able to minister and share God’s word to the little children, that is the greatest mission I had at work. My Love, without his knowing was the one who encouraged me to be a part of a missionary group and I thank God for using him to open my heart in mission. SCM sponsored and help malnourished children as well as the abused or what we called “save” (these are children that was raped). Children came from depressed area like Baseco, Payatas and Molfrid. Most of them are living along the dumpsite, they are lack of food and the polluted places causes them diseases. As of now, we are taking care of 18 children from those places, five belongs to nursery, four to Toddler 1, and 7 to Toddler 2. Last Tuesday we had 2 admissions who are now at the Isolation area, they are both having very low weight. All the children undergo deworming, we gave them vitamins and necessary treatment if they found to have diseases like Primary Complex. Food with complete nutrients was served to them together with milk. Children was admitted there for free and the parents can visit them anytime they want. They stay there mostly for 6 months and if they are already nourished and have gain their normal weight they are ready to go home and requested for discharge. God used this institution to help many people who are in need especially the little children who suffered more on malnutrition. Scandinavian was composed of seven countries who gave donations just to support the needs of this insitution. My heart is filled with joy for these people who open their hands and share the blessings they got for other people.
Handling kids is a little hard but enjoying. Some of the kids are hard headed and I really feel sad when I saw some kids who show sexual act with their playmates. They truly need someone to guide and lead them in the right path.

Train a child in a way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

We had our outdoor activities last Novermber 26, which was held at Quezon City Memorial Circle. Scandinavian Children's Missionary
Kids enjoyed the day having some fun playing at the playground, walking together along the park and eating the food we brought for their snacks. It’s good to bring them out sometimes for them to get the vitamins brought by sunlight. All of them are very happy even the nursery though they are not yet walking, they enjoyed looking around the park. This kids was very blessed to be on this insitution because they were saved from malnutrition. One thing we are praying, once this kids may go back to their home, their parents are more responsible enough to take care of them and support the foods they need to become more healthy.
My Love and I, have the desire to go on mission trips and put up a ministry that will help people in their needs. We hope and pray that our dreams will come true. We want to be a source of blessing to other people and we want to share what God has given us. God is good for us and we want to give back all praises unto Him. We will serve Him together for the rest of our lives. To God be the glory! May God bless this institution , the owner and all the people who support Scandinavian Children’s Missionary.

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